Mar. 2008: NXTMOTE is one of two TinyOS presentations at the KDubiq summer school.

Mar. 2008: NXTMOTE developer in Lego Mindstorms MCP group..

Feb. 2008: NXTMOTE@TTX-V.

Dec. 2007: Documentation for NXTMOTE in TinyOS Documentation Wiki set up by the TinyOS Documentation Working Group.

Dec. 2007: Machine Learning Open Source Software,, with NXTMOTE project link.

Sep. 2007: Book chapter TinyOS Education with LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT published (bibtex).

Jun. 2007: NXTMOTE tutorial.

Feb. 2007: NXTMOTE project added to TinyOS 2.x CVS contrib.

Jan. 2007: EWSN 2007 poster.

Dec. 2006: LEGO releases open source code for NXT.

Nov. 2006: NXTMOTE "boots" on NXT (toggles one pin from PlatformP) with nxtmote.rfw binary.

Oct. 2006: Preliminary access to source code granted by LEGO Electronics R&D.

Jul. 2006: Receive sponsored "Gold Master Candidate" LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT kit from LEGO Education.